Day One

Well today has been, for lack of another word, chaotic. Let me walk you through what I have been through while my dinner is in the oven.

After being woken up at around 5:30 by the sunlight streaming through my curtains (although I really can’t complain about sunlight in England, we must cherish it while it lasts), I went back to sleep until 6:45. After texting my dad about Beauty and the Beast, of course. I somehow just got around to watching it last night, and it was brilliant. I digress. I dealt with the food delivery from Ocado, then made myself a fairly simple breakfast of peanut butter and banana on toast. Since cutting out meat and eggs, I have found that I have a much smaller appetite in the morning. Strange. I followed my breakfast with a fairly intense leg workout. And then it happened.

Now, first I must explain that yesterday morning when I woke up, I had this really strange sensation in my left cheek. Yes, just my left cheek. Now, this peculiar sensation is quite difficult to describe. You know the feeling a few hours after you have dental surgery, when you are just highly aware of the area that was given anaesthesia? When the area is slightly tender, not quite numb, but just feels, well, off. Now that is almost exactly how my left cheek feels, but the skin also feels very tight. Almost as if some invisible person is stretching the skin on my cheek, from the side of my face. Yes, it is a very odd sensation. And I have never felt anything remotely like it before, until yesterday morning. Last night the feeling went away, so I kind of just pushed it aside as a random strange sensation. Well, this morning it came back.

My immediate worry was that it was related to the new multivitamins that I have been taking. I am allergic to a certain ingredient in some medications, and I was worried that this may be present in the multivitamins. After calling NHS 111, and talking to someone who was just as uninformed as I am about multivitamin ingredients and potential allergens, I was told that I should go and see my GP within an hour. At this point it was around 1 o’clock, 12:40 to be exact. And I was about 2 miles walk from my GP. Now this information is important, because when I called my GP, they said that they could only see me if I got there before 1:00. When I explained that I did not have a car and was about a 25 minute walk from them, I was told to run. Yes, they told the girl with the potential allergic reaction to run two miles to an appointment, otherwise I would not be let in. Accommodating. And indeed, I ran. I made it without about 5 minutes to spare. And it turns out, I may as well not have gone.

Now I can’t speak for any other GPs, but mine is not great. She essentially told me that it likely wasn’t the multivitamins causing the reaction, but to stop taking them anyways. When I described the sensation in my cheek, she said that it was one of the strangest things she has heard from a patient. Did this spark her interest to offer me some tests to find a cause? Nope. She told me to wait three weeks, and if it doesn’t go away, to come back. Now, personally, I have no interest in feeling physically uncomfortable for three weeks, so the search for a new GP ensues. This is the second time this GP has refused to do something for me. The last time resulted in me having to go and have a ¬£700 surgery on Harley Street, because she would not even acknowledge the issue. Anyways, enough complaining. I will start taking an antihistamine and see if that helps with the weird cheek thing.

Meal wise, today has not exactly been vegan. I started out with good intentions, however with having to have lunch out unexpectedly, I had to veer from a vegan choice. I did my best and just had some fish. I have also had some dairy today, but that is okay. I am trying to limit it to one day a week, so I guess that day is today for this week.

Anyways, I’m exhausted and am going to go wind down with a cup of tea.



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